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Feel Good. 
Move Well. 
Perform Better. 

Concierge Physical Therapist that helps the everyday athlete get out of muscle and joint pain and back into action. 

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Want to learn how to warm up before your run for optimized stability? 

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Do you experience the following? 

Soccer Player

Knee pain with running? 

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Back pain at the gym? 

Exercises with Dumbbells

Shoulder pain with overhead movements? 

Or the worst, pain that happens sometimes but not all the time so you don't actually know what's causing it nor have the time to figure it out? 

Pain does not have to be your new normal 


As an everyday athlete, it's important for you to back to your workout routine so you can show up everywhere else in your life. 

Through a comprehensive and holistic physical therapy assessment, we can figure out the source of your issue and target it for fast and effective results. 


Dr. Marian Thomas, PT, DPT, OCS 

I'm Marian and owner of Jaya Physical Therapy. I have exercised my whole life and I know what it's like when pain has stopped me from progressing in my workout program. When I'm not able to exercise, it makes me grump in all other parts of my life, such as being a wife and a mom. It has been my dream to open up my own practice where I can work with clients like me and help them reach their performance goals. Whether it's lifting more in the gym, returning to sport or picking up a heavy toddler, my goal is to create a personalized plan that is specific to your exact mobility, motor control and strength needs. Through precise evaluation, clear communication and teamwork, I can help you create and implement a plan to help achieve your goals and prevent future injury. 

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