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Our Process



Feel Good.

Pain causes our body to compensate in multiple ways as a method of protection. Through a comprehensive assessment of your body and movement patterns, we determine the source of your pain and compensation. Using specialized manual therapy techniques, dry needling, and a succinct home exercise program, we find ways to make you feel good again and regain your mobility and strength quickly. 


Move Well. 

Once your pain improves we work on your motor control to ensure that your body is maintaining its mobility and establishing proper and effective  movement patterns. We also check out you lifestyle to ensure that your desk set up, lifting patterns and daily activites aren't regressing you back to to your previous state.


Perform Better

Once your body is moving appropriately, we can start loading and progressing toward your big picture goals. Whether it's getting back into your sport, hitting a personal record in the gym or picking up your ever growing toddler,  we get you back better than before. We work alongside your team (coach, massage therapist, etc) to ensure you have a full return to optimal movement and sport. 

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