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FrequentlyAsked Questions 

Have a question that you do not see answered here? Message me at 919-589-3427 or fill out a contact form here.

1 / How much will this cost? 

Physical therapy sessions are $150 for an evaluation and $135/session. 4 visit and 8 visit packages are available for a discounted price. We will discuss cost when we determine your plan of care. 

2 / What should I expect on the first visit?

 Please wear comfortable gym clothes that allow free movement. We will review your completed intake form and proceed with a hands on functional and structural assessment of your injured tissue and the joints surrounding it. We will then review the results, the anatomy of your condition and determine a visit number and plan of care that we can schedule at that time. By the end of our session you will understand your condition, your mini goals for next session and our plan of care and  I will answer all questions you have regarding your care.

3 / Do you take health insurance?

At this time, we are a fee for service provider meaning that payment is due at time of service. I currently accept FSA/HSA cards. However, I do provide a superbill and you are able to submit claims to your insurance for potential coverage. Learn more here.

4 / Why don't you take health insurance?

The current health insurance model rewards the physical therapist for keeping a patient and its regulations prevent patients from receiving optimal care. In order to provide top quality and effective care, I have decided to opt out of the insurance system at this time.

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